About Me

I have lived an active and adventurous life. I competed in gymnastics at the national collegiate level, and I once performed 1000 cartwheels in an hour during a fund-raising event. I hang glided 18 times from 3200-foot high Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, bicycled twice across the United States, pedaled Mexico’s 1000-mile Baja Peninsula, and hiked to the summit of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

Not all of my adventures have been physically-oriented. To overcome my fear of public speaking, I joined Toastmasters, which led to speech contests, professional speaking, stand up comedy and writing. I am the author of an award-winning book: I Know I Should Exercise, But. . . 7 Steps to Removing Your “But” from Exercise (available at amazon.com).

Most of my life, I have been a teacher of a wide range of topics, including math, gymnastics, volleyball, public speaking, billiards, comedy traffic school and frisbee. I also taught several workshops on memory training, but I don’t remember much about that.

For many years, I was a personal fitness trainer in San Diego and a group exercise instructor and speaker at Mexico’s world renowned Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort (where I began leading bird walks and posting weekly bird reports).

The adventures continue to this day. In August, 2012, I quit my jobs and moved to Seattle to live with the woman of my dreams. For shear excitement, this latest leap surpasses the thrill of any hang gliding flight I ever had.

When I arrived in Seattle, I bought an ice-scraper for my car windshield, waterproof boots, and I am now the proud owner of a mighty fine rain jacket. Call me crazy, but I prefer the cooler, wetter climate of Washington state, compared to the warmer, sunnier weather down south.

Now I am mostly retired (still doing some personal training), yet I am as busy as ever. I spend my time photographing birds, hiking, bicycling and doing yoga (but not all at the same time). Determined to dispel the belief that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I am learning to cook, garden and play the piano.

There are 2 reasons my blog focuses on birds.

1) I wish to share, through my photography and writing, the beauty and wonder I experience in nature.

2) I’m mostly retired now, so I can pretty much do what I want.


1 Response to About Me

  1. LaNae says:

    Yay! You have pictures of birds that I see out at the Nisqually Refuge that know not the name of! Looking forward to following you and learning more!

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