Easy Tropical Birding


This week’s photo, taken February 23, 2011 from the Asa Wright Nature Centre on the island of Trinidad, features a male PURPLE HONEYCREEPER.

If you wish to take a tropical birding trip, but you don’t know where to go, consider heading to the Asa Wright Nature Centre on the island of Trinidad. The centre has an extensive set up of bird feeders conveniently located just off the veranda of the main building.

Eight years ago, when I spent a week on Trinidad & Tobago (and 4 nights at Asa Wright), I didn’t work too hard to capture the above image of a Purple Honeycreeper – as well as photos of other outrageously colorful birds. I simply sat in a chair on the porch, rested my elbows on the railing, and aimed my camera at the tropical treats that perched a short distance away and often at eye level.

If you get restless from sitting, you could wander just a few minutes along the paths of the property and find some most unusual species, such as Manakins, Oilbirds and Bellbirds. However, I spent most of my time on the balcony, plopped in a chair in the shade. I certainly didn’t want to exert too much energy while capturing tropical bird images. After all, I was on vacation.

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About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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3 Responses to Easy Tropical Birding

  1. Barbara Hughey says:

    I’ve been there! Great birding and I especially loved these guys!

  2. Chris Van Beveren says:

    We had terrific birding there last April. We are thinking of going on a Cuba birding trip with Rockjumper in December. Have you been there yet?

  3. kathydoremus says:

    Cool looking bird! What a beak!

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