Wave Runner


This week’s photo, taken December 26, 2016 on Playalinda Beach at Canaveral National Seashore near Titusville, Florida, features a SANDERLING, a small shorebird that famously plays ‘chicken’ with incoming waves.

If you are old enough to remember The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, you may recall them showing video footage of a small bird running along the beach, while Johnny rapidly tapped his pencil on his desk to mimic the sound of the Sanderling’s feet contacting the ground. It doesn’t matter that in real life we’d never be able to hear the tiny bird’s feet hit the soft sand, especially with the constant roar of the ocean. All that matters is that it was a funny bit that Carson did on numerous occasions, and he loved doing it.

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About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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2 Responses to Wave Runner

  1. Marlene Prendergast says:

    Thanks! Marlene Prendergast

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  2. Chris says:

    I got a flock of those guys at the Bird Festival. Bird #91 for the year so far. I did not often stay up late enough for Johnny Carson, so that bit with the pencil is one I never saw. I remember Karnak the Great doing Jeopardy questions.

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