Strength in Numbers


This week’s photo, taken September 5, 2015 in the marina at Westport, WA, features a couple dozen of the hundreds of MARBLED GODWITS that were packed tightly together on shore when our boat returned to the harbor at the end of our day-long pelagic bird trip.

MARBLED GODWITS are large shorebirds that feed by probing their long bills into mudflats along coastal waters, in search of food. This large flock is most likely migrating south, with plans to winter in California, Mexico or possibly as far south as South America. In the spring, they will return to Canada to breed.

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About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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4 Responses to Strength in Numbers

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  2. says:

    Wow, Joe; what a sight!!! We see these in the summer (late) as they are migrating south down the east coast- aren’t you the lucky one! Best, Nina

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  3. Chris says:

    You may have heard this memory help. When I am with beginning birders, or just folks at the beach who seem interested, I point out the Marbled Godwit’s upturned bill, and suggest it is easy to remember their name as their bills are “turned up to God”.

    One of our local bird photographers in Morro Bay specializes in large groups of birds. His name is Marlin Harms. I will forward to you next time one of his photos crosses my desk. He is very artistic, great pictures.

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