Formal Attire


This week’s photo, taken April 13, 2015 from Edmond’s Pier in Edmonds, WA, features an adult HORNED GREBE in breeding plumage.

I’ve been birding regularly from the Edmond’s Pier for 6 months now (2 – 3 days a week), and lately I’ve observed that some of the regular species are beginning to dress up for the spring season. Until about a month ago, HORNED GREBES wore their drab gray and white outfits, displaying no vibrant color other than a bright red eye. Well, that’s all changed now. A Horned Grebe swam directly towards me the other morning. Perhaps it never noticed me, or maybe it wished to show me its flashy threads. Whatever its intentions, I was impressed.



About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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  1. says:

    A bright little tug boat!

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