This week’s photo, taken August 23, 2014 at Meadowbrook Pond in northeast Seattle, WA, features a female BELTED KINGFISHER. This species is an exception to the rule in the bird world that the male displays more color than the female. The male Belted Kingfisher lacks the rusty breastband seen here on the female.

The BELTED KINGFISHER is one of the most challenging birds to approach for a photograph – at least that’s been my experience. Lucky for me, the female pictured above is preoccupied with a COOPER’S HAWK that it just chased into a nearby tree. Distracted by the hawk, the kingfisher couldn’t care less about me, and it lands surprisingly close, providing me some nice photo opportunities.

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About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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3 Responses to Distracted

  1. Chris says:

    We had a male kingfisher yesterday at Sweet Springs, a nice park about a mile from our house. We observed him kiting, first time we had noticed that behavior in a kingfisher. Jim got a photo, not especially close, of the bird perched on a limb. Almost a silhouette. We had gone there to look for a reported Northern Waterthrush. We did see the Waterthrush but only in flashes as it jumped around in the reeds.
    The park is popular with locals and with tourists, today as we watched for the waterthrush on a bridge overlooking a pond, a couple walking a dog passed behind us, and the man commented, this place is like a dream. We are so lucky that our hobby takes us out into nature almost daily.

  2. kathydoremus says:

    She looks like she is just posing to have her picture taken.

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