Playing with Its Food


This week’s photo, taken April 7, 2014 at Meadowbrook Pond in northeast Seattle, WA, features a GREAT BLUE HERON juggling a fish that it just caught.

GREAT BLUE HERONS can be skittish, so they often don’t allow people to get too close. But a bird might tolerate us scary humans if it’s focusing on its next meal.

That’s what happens at Meadowbrook Pond when I surprise a nearby Great Blue Heron while it is stalking a fish. The heron, although aware of my presence, keeps its eyes on its prey, and a few seconds later it thrusts its long bill and its entire head under water. Soon, it surfaces with a tiny morsel.

Yes, it’s a very small fish for such a large bird, but this heron is a juvenile, so perhaps it’s practicing its hunting skills on anything it finds. Or maybe it just wants something to play with.

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About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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2 Responses to Playing with Its Food

  1. Ann Sorenson says:

    I look forward to your photos and comments; hope all is well with you and yours. Ann

  2. Glenn Abrams says:

    Amazing Detail Joe.

    And glad to see your promoting your FAA page . Some real beautiful images there.

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