Blink and You Miss It


This week’s photo, taken January 5, 2014 on Spencer Island in Everett, WA, features a female BELTED KINGFISHER. 

On Sunday, we drive 20 miles north of Seattle for our first visit to Spencer Island, an open area of marshes, ponds, waterfowl and raptors. It’s a cold and icy morning, but the blue skies and calm wind keep us comfortable. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I’m wearing nearly every article of clothing that I own.

GREEN-WINGED TEAL, RUDDY DUCK, AMERICAN WIGEON, BUFFLEHEAD, MALLARD and NORTHERN PINTAIL are some of the water birds relaxing on the ponds and in the marshes. Making sure the ducks don’t relax too much, a BALD EAGLE, a RED-TAILED HAWK, a PEREGRINE FALCON and at least two NORTHERN HARRIERS patrol the area. All of them are avid bird-watchers, for sure.

The best sighting of the morning lasts about one second. A VIRGINIA RAIL explodes out of the reeds in front of us, sprints across the narrow path and dives into reeds on the other side of the trail. If you blink, you miss it.

After taking a year off, I am resurrecting my business as a personal fitness trainer. I’m looking for a few enthusiastic clients who wish to work out at home with a trainer (yoga, weights, walking). If you know someone in the Seattle area who might be interested, please have them contact me via email at  Thank you!

Yes, I will continue my weekly bird blog. (I have my priorities straight)


About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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