Big Sky Birds

This week’s photo, taken October 27, 2012 in our host’s yard east of Bozeman, Montana, features a female HAIRY WOODPECKER.

This past week, we took a road trip to Montana to see Laura’s family. During our 4-day stay, some of our best bird sightings occur in her brother’s yard, thanks to a seed feeder and cottonwood trees that attract a nice selection of species. We watch male and female HAIRY WOODPECKERS forage in the cottonwoods, while several PINE SISKINS fly in and out of the trees whenever they feel the urge, a WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH crawls up and down the tree trunks, a CLARK’S NUTCRACKER perches on one of the highest branches, and a BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE performs a fly-by. The highlight for us is when a flock of 10 or more EVENING GROSBEAKS descend on the trees and noisily feed for a few minutes.


While taking a short stroll from the house, we get a distant view of a TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE, a Life Bird for me. The next morning, we walk a trail around a small lake, and we spot 3 sparrows feeding on the path ahead of us. Only after we return to Seattle and I download my images on my computer do I realize that those sparrows are AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS – and another Life Bird.


Other Birds of Note:





About Joe Sweeney

I photograph birds to share the beauty and wonder I find in nature.
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